The lead emergency room clinical pharmacist at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, Ashkan Khabazian provides medication to patients experiencing recent physical trauma or acute medical conditions. In this capacity, Ashkan Khabazian’s specific responsibilities include managing infection through antibiotics, assisting emergency room physicians with pharmacologic production, and dosing during life-saving interventions and resuscitations.

Before joining the team at Sharp Memorial in 2009, Ashkan Khabazian served tenures as a clinical pharmacist at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego in internal medicine and teaching. Before accepting the latter position, he trained as a pharmacy technician/coagulation clinic pharmacy intern at the Sharp Memorial Hospital Inpatient Pharmacy, located in San Diego.

Outside of his responsibilities as a clinical pharmacist, Dr. Khabazian is the author of a 2003 article on the subject of morphine sulfate extended-release capsules published in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. He also regularly delivers presentations to fellow staff members at Sharp Memorial Hospital.